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Burny's Journey

It’s still hard to believe we reached our goal on Kickstarter and we owe it all to those who supported and backed us along the way. Take a peek into our Kickstarter journey.

Stop #1

A Drawing and A Dream

We wanted a sauce that was a love letter to the foodie in all of us, topped off by a clever mascot who embodied the spirit of adventure. The mascot took on many faces and bodies before we found the Burny we now know and love.

Stop #2

Recruit for the perfect recipe

Next, we collaborated with our friend Chef Bobby McFarland to create the perfect recipe to match our vision: A creamy carrot-based heat sauce that blew our socks off.

Stop #3

Taste Test Success

Well sure, we loved the sauce. But what would our friends think when we shared it with them? Was it worthy? Any good? Should we make more of it? A resounding YES echoed the halls.

Stop #4

COVID Shutdown

Just when things were looking up after our last taste test, COVID hit, leaving us holed up in our homes without our favorite restaurants to enjoy. We were left to our own devices, eating more and more meals from home, and quickly getting tired of making the same few recipes. Yikes!

Fun Fact

Burny Wild’s original name was Doctor Burns, until we found out it was already (kind-of, sort-of) taken by another company.

Stop #5

Kickstarter and Beyond!

While stuck at home, Burny Wild’s Adventure Sauce was the only thing keeping founder Mike Rosado interested in his home cooked meals. In fact, with some Adventure Sauce added in, he was craving the meals. At this point, the light bulb flickered ‘on’ and he realized it was time to share this sauce with the world!

One problem: no money.
One solution: crowdfunding!

Stop #6

We Built Our Team

To prepare for the launch of our Kickstarter campaign, we brought together a small and mighty team of creative friends to help us – social media strategy, outreach strategies, product photography, videography, commercials – the works!

Stop #7

Kickstarter Campaign Blitz

Once launched, we only had 30 days to raise $10k, thirty days of pure adrenaline and way too much coffee. We reached out to every connection we had, hustled sample bottles to as many people as possible and pushed as hard as we could. With only a few days left to go and over a thousand dollars short, we got the news…

Stop #8

We Did It!

Let’s rephrase that: Everyone who believed in us did it. We passed our goal of $10k. Every dollar that came though, large or small, kept us going and we can’t thank you all enough. With the Kickstarter campaign behind us we now start the next chapter, as the first batch of Adventure Sauce begins production. 

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