Our Story

Welcome to the
Burny Journey.

Our story began at our little design company in Raleigh, NC, where we set out to create a condiment heat sauce brand that was a celebration of three things we love: art, adventure and awesome food. Why? Because to us, the best moments are when these three things converge into one epic experience.

We started by creating the man, the myth, the legend that we’ve now come to know and love, Dr. Bernard “Burny” Wild himself. He is our adventure avatar who scales the earth, parts known and unknown, in search of the perfect ingredients.

Next, we pulled our creative collaborator, Chef Bobby McFarland, to help put together the perfect recipe with a creamy flavor that is familiar yet unexpected – and just the right amount of that sweet heat. We proudly shared it with friends who quickly couldn’t get enough, and thus, Burny Wild’s Adventure Sauce was born.

Burny Wild’s Adventure Sauce is our love letter to the foodie in all of us. The culinary thrill-seeker. The appetite adventurer. Our sauce promises you a full sensory flavor explosion in every bite of any meal.

So, put it on everything. Take it everywhere. Tell everyone.


Mike Rosado, Founder, Burny Wild's

Mike Rosado

Our Mission

To inspire others to live a little more adventurously and encourage a passionate enthusiasm for life, the planet and all of its inhabitants.