Our Story

Our Mission

To inspire others to live a little more adventurously and encourage a passionate enthusiasm for life, the planet and all of its inhabitants.

Dear Friends,

We can’t thank all of you enough for supporting this little company we call Burny Wild’s.

Our whole story is really just a love letter to art, food, adventure, and most of all, Mama Earth. Born out of our graphic design studio, MRC, in Raleigh, NC—we set out to craft the greatest condiment heat sauce in the world: Burny Wild’s Adventure Sauce. But, our values go beyond taste. We want to use our superpowers to get people excited about the chance to create a different world. One where saving the planet is not filled with doom and gloom but rather possibility and joy.

Burny Wild’s is forever a space for conversation and creativity. In support of our values, we’re creating comics, art prints, games and more with our mascot, Burny Wild, who’s happiest when he’s living a life of adventure and care for the planet. Through these touchpoints, we remind ourselves that a fuller life comes from committing to the service of our only home and all of its inhabitants. Today and forever, our products will be vegan and sustainable, and we’ll always strive to innovate. We’ll also partner with and highlight organizations like our friends at 1% for the Planet that are actively working towards a greener (and more adventurous) world community.

THANK YOU for being a part of the Burny Journey.

Very sincerely,


Mike Rosado, Founder, Burny Wild's

Mike Rosado
Burny’s Press Secretary

EcoManiacs Unite!

Burny Wild’s loves Mama Earth. That’s why everything we do ties back to our mission of living a life of adventure and creating eco-friendly art and goods are all in support of initiatives like our partnership with 1% for the Planet that help reverse climate change.

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