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Burny Wild’s Adventure Sauce – the new, all-purpose condiment with a kick, raised $11,310 on Kickstarter, successfully giving us the funds to take our Adventure Sauce into production.

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The Sauce you’ve been waiting for.

Packed full of flavor with the perfect amount of heat, Burny Wild’s Adventure Sauce is the newest must-have sauce for your kitchen.

Burny Wild’s Adventure Sauce gets its unique, craveable flavor from hot yellow and chipotle peppers with steamed carrots, maple syrup, rosemary, charred onion and more, making each and every drop as good as the first. Unlike traditional hot sauces, Burny’s focus is always on flavor, using heat as an accent not a distraction. And it’s nothing if not versatile. Toss, top or dip, Burny Wild’s is the perfect compliment for game night bites or stay-home date nights.

Burny Wild’s Adventure Sauce is good to you and good for you.

• Vegan
• Gluten-Free
• No Preservatives
•  No Stabilizers

Flavor-Packed, Chef-Made, Vegan | Burny Wild's Adventure Sauce

Burny Wild's Adventure Sauce on Vegan Stuffed Peppers

Vegan Stuffed Peppers with Burny Wild’s

Burny Wild's Adventure Sauce

Burny Wild’s Adventure Sauce is passionately crafted as a love letter to the foodie in all of us, giving you a perfect blend of flavor that’s both familiar and unexpected. At Burny Wild’s, our mission is to encourage adventure in every bite, inspiring you to Live a Little.

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