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Nature Print Mama Earth Wall Art Signed Illustration

Let’s be honest. Mars is cool, but it can’t compare to the beauty of Mama Earth. Celebrate the love of our planet with these limited edition Risograph prints, each numbered and signed by founder and artist Mike Rosado. They’re eco-friendly, printed on FSC-certified paper stock using plant-based inks by our friends at Ms. Registration.




8.5″ W x 11″ H

Recycled & FSC Certified

Plant-based ink

Risograph ink is comprised of rice bran oil, an organic material that doesn’t release VOCs into the atmosphere. Rice bran ink has better archiving capabilities and eliminates paper discoloration that appears over time.

Signed & Illustrated BY
Mike Rosado, founder

Madison Provines, founder MSRegistration Studio, Risograph Printing


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Nature Print Mama Earth Wall Art Signed Illustration